The MVPs Membership


Become an MVP!
Gain access to our private group filled with:
  • Exclusive video
  • Free actions, textures, templates, posing guides, and more, valuing over $2,500 and being added to weekly! 
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Website critiques
  • Publicity opportunities
  • Frequent motivation & inspiration
  • Frequent contests to win large prizes valued at $100+ each
  • Special guest speakers/bloggers from the industry
  • New friends on the same journey
  • So so so much more
$50 monthly access fee (membership can be discontinued any time)
*Referral Program: For every friend you bring to The MVPs, you will receive a free month of access. It is possible to stay in the group and have access to all the amazing-ness without ever paying the monthly access fee.
Members renew month after month because the amount of freebies, advice and financial growth they see as a result of this group FAR outweigh the cost.
If you are ready to invest in yourself and create a business that is truly profitable this year, The MVPs is without a doubt the place to do that. But don't take my word for it - read some reviews below!

“I knew Madison would be honest just based off of how she presented this group, but I was totally blown away with how forthcoming she was with each answer.

 Joining the MVP’s has already proven to be one of the smartest decisions I have ever made for my business. I just wish the MVP’s existed a year ago when I was starting this whole journey!  What you learn in the MVP’s is invaluable and having someone like Madison who wants to help you grow your business is not something you find very often in this industry. 

 Don’t wait – you are doing yourself a disservice by not biting the bullet.  It’s the smartest decision I’ve made for my business.”

--Shannon LeBlanc


 “I absolutely loved how to the point and honest you were with each question, even when we got off topic! Seriously an open book! I wish I was apart of this exact group 3 years ago when I first started!

 I feel like I’ve already learned so much and have even got a few freebies and it’s been less than a week! I’ve paid the same amount and more for 1 day workshops and I feel this forum gives me a chance to process all the new info (staying awake all night from excitement) and know that I can always ask follow up questions the next day or even weeks later!!”

--Marie Treat


“Liberating, exciting and freeing! (not sure if last one is a real word, I might have just made that up being on a high from the Q&A).

Before signing up I was waiting and trying to talk myself out of it, I have been a member of Clickin Mom’s and other photography groups, but I did not get nearly as much from being a member there as I got in well let’s see added to the group less than an HOUR ago! Bottom line, this is not another site or group to waste your time and money if you are serious about your photography business, this is the REAL DEAL! It is just like a circle of friends sharing all the secrets together.”

--Olga Belinskiy


“It’s not a big investment because you spend more in buying photography junk that you don’t even use. If you join this group you would know exactly what is needed for your photography business saving you money, time and stress. Wished there was a group like this earlier in my business. Would have saved me so much time and money.”

--Karen Cooper


 Madison Vining Photography specializes in Photography Mentoring, Photoshop Editing Video Tutorials, Photoshop Textures, Photoshop Actions, Posing Guides and learning to shoot in manual. Join her for a workshop, purchase the photography workbook and join the MVP club!



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